Evolving in BJJ: Recent Purple and Blue Belt Promotions

Pride, honor and gratification are surging at Tri-Force MMA after a series of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu belt promotions occurring throughout recent weeks. The dedicated and deserving students earned their promotions through relentless hard work, growth and allegiance to the sport.

Beyond the challenges of physical sport, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Tri-Force MMA evokes a lifestyle that is inclusive of mind, body and spirit. Dedication to the sport means a devotion to bettering yourself and your training partners through the martial art.

Purple Belts

Andrew George

John Douma

Gary Balletto

Hillary Johnson

Eugene Ridge


Blue Belts

Dion Rubio

Travis Soulard

Ahnise Kassab

John Larkin

Antonio Rivera

Ricky Tapia

Andrew Cormier

Those who have earned their belt promotions have demonstrated to Tri-Force MMA coaches and BJJ black belts, Pete and Keith Jeffrey, that they are working above standard in both skill and sportsmanship. Their commitment to the art of BJJ proved evident through attendance, improvement and skill.

The progress of each individual student directly affects the evolution of the school. Promotions will serve as stepping stones along the BJJ journey that will distinguish the dedicated from the group and inspire others to drive forward.