November BJJ Belt Promotions

Nov Promotions_2.jpg

Tri-Force MMA/ BJJ saw two belt promotions within the month of November: Toby Oden earning his Purple Belt and Andony Morales earning his Blue Belt under Tri-Force MMA Coaches, Pete and Keith Jeffrey. 

Through relentless training and diligence, both Oden and Morales have proven their dedication to the journey of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, earning their promotions to the next level.

Nov Promotions_3.jpg

Whether he is in the CES MMA cage or competing within regional BJJ tournaments, Oden displays a skillfully developed ground game. Oden has earned his rank through long hours of hard work put in on the mats with coaches and training partners at Tri-Force.

Morales has developed dynamic grappling that shows on the mats. Steady attendance has advanced him to an intelligent and resilient practitioner. Always willing to help others, Morales has demonstrated that he possesses both the skill and mentality of a proper blue belt.

Nov Promotions_4.jpg

Be sure to congratulate your training partners on their well-deserved promotions the next time you see them at the dojo!