Win, Lose or Draw: Competing for Wisher’s Fight Night Promotions

By: Jackie Campbell

Tri-Force MMA Competitor, Derek Robberson puts on show for the crowd with a series of spinning backfists.

Win, lose or draw, competing within Mark Wisher’s Fight Night promotions in Pawtucket, RI will always serve as a baseline learning program for Tri-Force MMA competitors. The young talent that is just now tapping into their aspirations to fight competitively will gain their first exposure to fighting inside a ring before a crowd by competing for Wisher’s Fight Night.

Smokers- as these bouts are often referred to- are sanctioned but are not officially recorded onto a fighter’s amateur record. This allows fighters to capitalize on an opportunity to work through the nerves and gain critical experience before accepting an officially recorded amateur bout. Serving as a test drive for fighting, Wisher’s Fight Night allows for evenly matched young fighters from local gyms to step beyond their comfort zone and into a true competition.

The promotion offers Muay Thai and American Kickboxing bouts that are three rounds at two minutes per round. The bouts are scored accordingly to the ruleset specific to each style of fighting. Same day weigh-ins with a five pound allowance enable fighters to compete at their walk-around weight and decrease drastic weight-cuts at the amateur level.

At the most recent Fight Night event on Saturday, September 16th, Tri-Force MMA brought out two competitors to take part- Antonio Rivera and Derek Roberson. Although neither fighter took home a win that night, the experience gained simply by stepping up to compete is something that will positively serve each competitor moving forward. Both fighters put on great performances that demonstrated heart and skill, making the Tri-Force MMA team proud.

The more that someone is willing to train and compete, the greater their ability to succeed and grow.

The prep, the weigh-ins, the crowd and the feeling of competing for yourself and a team is something that cannot be duplicated in gym. Stepping up to test yourself is a huge stride forward in the world of competitive martial arts. The more that someone is willing to train and compete, the greater their ability to succeed and grow.

Tri-Force MMA Head Coach, Pete Jeffrey, coordinates with Wisher on behalf of his fighters. If you are interested in taking the next step of competing at a local level, talk to Coach Pete for his advice on when would be the right time for you get in the ring.