Tri-Force Kids


We are very proud of the growth of our kids program. We have children from all walks of life participating together in a team based environment where everyone learns from one another. Most importantly, we just want kids to see how fun martial arts and exercise can be. We teach the traditional martial arts values such as respect, honor, and discipline, but in a fun environment where children are encouraged to be themselves.     


Martial Arts in Adolescence

There is more pressure on our kids than ever during the time of adolescence. Cyber-bullying, physical bullying, and peer pressure are far too common in our society today. Being martial artists, our students are very unique individuals within their own group of friends. They are confident and know when to walk away. They learn that words are not a just cause for anyone to experience physical harm. They are more resilient than the average kid and they stand up for what is right.  

This reduces the psychological impact of these stresses that children experience in today's society, which leads to a more confident, healthy child that has the tools to handle anything that life throws at them. We're honored to provide a safe place for our young students to learn martial arts and its core values and we hope you'll give us the opportunity to work with your child too.  

We always teach self defense and sport based martial arts to our students. This is not a school to learn how to fight. It is a school to learn how to be a confident, driven leader. We want our students to excel both on and off the mats through our mentorship and training.

Exercise is fun!

We start our classes with dynamic warm-ups consisting of animal movements, stretching, and foot work drills. We often break from drilling technique and play games designed to get kids comfortable with the techniques learned during class. This gets our students moving and having fun without worrying about their performance. We've found this to be a great way to build self confidence in kids that are a bit more shy. Plus, everyone gets in a dose of exercise, including the coaches! 

What should I bring to class?

Kids Martial Arts:

  • Shorts or tight fitting athletic pants

  • BJJ Gi (Tri-Force gis available for purchase at our shop)

  • Tight fitting t-shirt or athletic shirt

  • Hair ties for students with longer hair

  • Water bottle (we have a water cooler available for free!)

    ***If your child is on their trial week please just wear shorts or tight fitting athletic pants with a t-shirt***