Rubio to Make MMA Debut


Set to make his amateur MMA debut, Dion Rubio (0-0) of Tri-Force MMA will step into the cage for Cage Titans XXXVI live this Saturday, November 4th at Plymouth Memorial Hall in Plymouth, MA. Training diligently for his first-ever sanctioned MMA bout, the young Tri-Force prospect says that he is prepared to take on opponent, Billy Goff (0-0) of Dexter MMA.

“I believe wholeheartedly that I will do well on Saturday and show everyone that Tri-Force is on the rise,” says Rubio. “I train with pros on a daily basis who fight for CES and just a whole squad of savages, so I’m always getting the work that I need.”

Young in his career, Rubio’s talent and dedication to martial arts has taken him from a newcomer in the gym to beginning his fight career in just over a year’s time. Rubio credits the Tri-Force coaching staff and training partners for his continued success. “Peter Jeffery is brilliant and learning from him is phenomenal, “explains Rubio. “He himself has fought professionally so he sees the little things that I would glance over and points them out to me. It’s always fruitful to learn from him and he has given me the tools to come out on top.”

Closing in on fight day, Rubio says that his camp has him feeling confident and prepared for anything. “Camp was amazing. I got all the help and work from my teammates that I needed, especially the professionals. Guys like Toby (Oden), Gary (Balletto Jr.), Dan (Cormier), John (Douma), and Nate (Andrews) have been helping me out a lot, giving me work and technique the whole time. Thank you to them,” Rubio explains.

Currently 2-0 for smoker kickboxing fights through Mark Wisher’s promotion and competing regularly within local BJJ tournaments, Rubio says that he knew he was ready to make the transition to MMA.

I am looking forward to Saturday- being ready and showing up on that day. I am not concerned or anxious. It all starts here and I am excited for the future after Saturday.
— Dion Rubio

“There was much to work on for my debut amateur fight. There are a lot of things that are really effective in MMA that you can’t necessarily do in a strict grappling match, like posturing up and ground and pound,” says Rubio. “The difference is that I had to learn- and still am learning- to bring it all together.”

Rubio’s camp held emphasis on general MMA skills and techniques in order to build upon his own strengths. “My main focuses were getting to the cage when I’m on my back on the mat and using the cage to get up. Using a lot of movement- head movement, footwork, tightening up blocking- and finding a rhythm when I fight,” explains Rubio. “These are the things that you need to be able to do in an MMA fight or at least possess the knowledge to use those techniques.”

Rubio explains that his primary focus points were establishing a rhythm to his movement and establishing a sense of fluidity within his fight style. Drilling the fundamentals of movement, protection and factoring in the adjustment of glove size are all essential elements to a young fighter’s success.


With his sights set on Saturday’s fight, Rubio’s long-term goals of fighting professionally drives his potential. “I had the goal when I came to Tri-Force to get one to three amateur bouts by the end of 2017. I knew that one was more realistic and now I am getting my shot,” says Rubio. “I don’t really like to talk about plans for the future. I am more of a ‘go with the flow’ kind of guy. I am looking forward to Saturday- being ready and showing up on that day. I am not concerned or anxious. It all starts here and I am excited for the future after Saturday.”

As ready as ever, Rubio has one message for his opponent on Saturday night: “Let’s get it on!”

Don’t miss the action this Saturday, November 4th at 5:00pm ES. Rubio will be making his debut on the undercard for the event. For tickets, visit or get in touch with Rubio or the Tri-Force coaching staff.

Team Tri-Force will also be providing live updates within the Tri-Force MMA/BJJ Facebook group for those that cannot attend.